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Dear Postdocs, Welcome to AY 20!

The Michigan Postdoctoral Association of the College of Engineering (MPACE) was established to provide professional development and socialization for CoE’s over 200 postdocs.  We invite you to become acquainted with and active in MPACE.  While there are good opportunities available centrally – and do take advantage of those – having a presence on North Campus/NCRC allows MPACE to deal more closely with issues affecting the engineering postdocs.

To find out about MPACE:


Recruiting for CoE Advisory Group Members-2020:

  • Chair:  Genevieve Plant (CLASP)
  • Academic Job Search Chairs:  Genevieve Plant (CLASP) and Bridget Hegarty (CEE)
  • Industry Job Search Chair:  tbd
  • Social Chair:  tbd
  • UMPDA Liaison:  Cynthia Gerlein-Safdi (CLASP)
  • Department Representatives
    • AERO:  
    • BME:  
    • CHE:  
    • CEE:  
    • CLASP:  
    • EECS:  
    • IOE:  
    • MSE: 
    • ME:  
    • NAME:
    • NERS:  

Faculty Advisor: Professor Mark Moldwin (on sabbatical fall term 2019) and Assistant Professor Jon Estrada (eff. 1/1/20)
CoE Staff Liaison: Maureen Burns